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What Others Have to Say


My Go To Executive

As a longtime owner of a vacation rental company, I’ve been a client of Dawn’s at two different companies, spanning 15 years. In each company, Dawn was my go-to executive. I find Dawn extremely knowledgeable about products, software, policies and protocols, and of course, industry best practices. Most of all, I trust Dawn to be smart, honest and candid about my company's needs and where they intersect with other products.

- Claire Reiswerg, Owner Sand N' Sea

There Every Step of the Way

Dawn has definitely been a leader in our industry for many years. From the first meeting I had with her and discussing a potential plan and going through the evaluation process, she was there every step of the way. Her recommendations and planning helped our company see substantial savings and improved operations. She is definitely a great asset for any company!!


​​​​​​- Kevin Futural, Intracoastal Realty

A Leader That Drives Tangable Results

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Dawn at TravelNet Solutions. Dawn came in as a proven leader in the hospitality and vacation rental space, and immediately made an impact on the company in a very positive way. She led by example in every sense of the word, from her tireless passion to help partners succeed, to her forward-thinking strategies that helped grow TRACK Hospitality Software into one of the leading SaaS products in the rental space. As a leader, you will not find anyone more dedicated to helping their team members succeed. If you are looking for an executive in the hospitality/vacation rental space who will drive tangible results beyond your expectations and provide a lift to your company morale, Dawn Yeskulsky is your answer.

- Paul Manzy, Vintory

Trust, Honesty, Hard Work, and Attention to Detail.

I have known Dawn for over 20 years, first as a friendly competitor then as a partner but always as a friend and a respected colleague. She is an extremely talented executive with a well-deserved reputation of Trust, Honesty, Hard Work, and Attention to Detail. She has built new products and grown companies that she has worked with and continues to donate her time to volunteer for industry organizations. If you were looking for a more talented person in our industry, you would have difficulty finding one.


- Doug McNaught, VR Consultants

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