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How I Help Suppliers & Vendors

I Solve Problems and Improve Performance

Attention suppliers, do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life? Is your sales team not meeting their targets? Need help defining your go-to-market strategy?  Looking to create a never-before-seen solution or partnership? Or, maybe you want to make a splash at the next industry tradeshow? 


I can help with both smaller projects or dig deep into larger organizational-wide assessments.

Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Overall business strategy development and execution.

  • Budget planning and management.

  • Product development and alignment with business goals.

Sales Strategy and Revenue Growth
  • Consultation on net new, cross-sell, and upsell sales strategies.

  • Revenue growth strategies and tactics.

  • Quota structure development and alignment with revenue goals.

Client Success and Partnership Management
  • Building and managing client success teams.

  • Strategic partnership development and management.

  • Maximizing annual partnership revenue-sharing.

Market Segmentation and Brand/Product Placement
  • Market research and segmentation analysis.

  • Brand and product placement strategies.

  • Pricing strategy development for Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) attainment.

Financial Growth and ARR Enhancement
  • Advising on ARR growth strategies.

  • Identifying opportunities for revenue optimization.

  • Partnership Revenue Share

  • Monitoring and adapting to market trends and changes

Team Leadership and Sales Management Development
  • Leadership and management of diverse teams.

  • Team alignment with organizational goals and objectives

  • Sales Methodology

  • Quota creation to support revenue objectives

Are You Ready?

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