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PMS Pros

Click here for the Official PMS Pros website.    The PMS Pros, established in 2024 is a revolutionary vacation and short-term rental software services and consulting firm. Our mission is to help support new software onboarding (aka the dreaded software switch), adoption, and optimization by offering a cost-effective comprehensive suite of PMS-specific services to aid in property management software transitions and adoption.  Currently, we are able to assist Guesty, Track, and Streamline users.

What makes us different from what your PMS provides? We work for and prioritize you -  the property manager, as your additional layer of one-on-one guidance and support through the entire onboarding journey, from pre to post-implementation. Acting as your dedicated representative alongside the PMS onboarding team, we help deliver a white-glove experience that aids in a seamless transition, allowing you to focus on running your business with minimal disruptions. Once the transition is complete and you are poised for success, we hand over the baton to empower your team to navigate the new software confidently.

In addition to consultant pairing and onboarding assistance, we offer software optimization reviews, needs evaluation, RFP creation, contract, and third-party software recommendations. But that's not all—our expertise extends to payment processing evaluations, pricing analysis, and payment option strategy services (think BuyNowPayLater, Pay by Group, Paypal etc), providing a comprehensive solution to elevate your property management operations.

Choose the PMS Pros for a transformative experience in property management software deployment, where your success is our priority every step of the way.

Are you a Pro?

Do you know your way around a specific PMS platform?  Maybe as a previous employee or a power user.  If so, reach out, we would love to speak with you


PMS Specific Pros

Our meticulous process of matching pros with clients is the hallmark of PMS Pro's. We prioritize understanding client needs, software specifications, and goals to ensure a tailored match. Our pros are not meant to replace a PMS onboarding team, they act as a client-side project manager that will help manage, prioritize, and facilitate all of the details that are required.

PMS Needs Evaluation

For Property Managers considering a new PMS platform, we will conduct a preliminary needs evaluation ensuring that potential new software aligns with their business objectives. This cuts down on vetting and demo time spent.

Contract Assistance

We support PMCs through contracts and pricing discussions with PMS companies to help you the consumer understand true costs and contract requirements.

Software Optimization

Beyond implementation assistance, our optimization services include a thorough analysis of the client's existing software usage. PMS Pro's identify areas for improvement and provide tailored solutions to optimize workflows, increase efficiency, and maximize software benefits.

Third-Party Software Recommendations

Provide recommendations for third-party software that complements and enhances the functionality of the property management software, creating a cohesive and efficient software ecosystem.

Payments Evaluation & Strategy

Assess and optimize the payment processing systems integrated into the PMS, ensuring efficiency, security, and cost savings. Develop tailored strategies for additional payment options (BuyNowPayLater, PayPal etc.), balancing convenience for guests and financial stability for PMC's

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