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PMS Pros Revolutionizes Property Management Software Assistance


Property Management Software Users Now Have an Extra “Pro” On Call

January 25, 2024, San Clemente, California (  - PMS Pros, a cutting-edge vacation and short-term rental software services and advisory firm, is delighted to announce its official launch today. Embarking on a mission to revolutionize the onboarding and adoption of the property management software (PMS) landscape, PMS Pros is set to redefine industry standards with a focus on providing property management teams with temporary, dedicated, one-on-one expert assistance for the onboarding, adoption, and optimization of today’s leading PMS brands. Currently able to consult with property managers using  Track, Guesty and *Streamline. (*Disclaimer: PMS Pros are NOT employees, partners or affiliated in any way with this company.)

Founded by 28-year Vacation Rental Industry expert, Dawn Yeskulsky, PMS Pros fills the gaps between what traditional software onboarding teams can provide and the varying needs of property managers going through the transition from one PMS to another. Dawn Yeskulsky states, "Having witnessed the onboarding process of multiple PMS providers firsthand, I recognized that what is sufficient for some property managers does not work for all. PMS Pros is the missing piece between what traditional software onboarding teams can offer and what property managers need and want. A software switch is time- and labor-intensive, all the while you need to operate your business. We aim to provide that extra expert set of PMS-specific hands that can make the difference between a painful and costly transition and a white glove experience. After go-live, we can continue to assist you in a variety of different ways, so you never lose your 'pro.'"

Range of Services Offered by PMS Pros:

Consultant Pairing and Onboarding Assistance

Ongoing Software Optimization Consulting

Needs Evaluation and RFP Creation

Contract and Third-Party Software Recommendations

Payment Processing Evaluations: Optimize financial transactions.

Pricing Analysis and Alternate Payment Strategy Services


For media inquiries, please contact:

[Dawn Yeskulsky,  Ph. 941-545-8722]

[Matthew Hamlett,  Ph. 559-676-9852]



Media Contact

Yes2VR Advisors / PMS Pros
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