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Dawn Yeskulsky
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Consulting & Advisory

services for the professionally managed vacation rental industry and the businesses that serve it.


Meet Dawn Yeskulsky, SME

I am Dawn Yeskulsky, and with 27 years of dedicated experience, I am your trusted technology consultant in the vacation rental industry. I am passionate about this field, and my mission is clear: to provide professional consulting services that drive revenue and excellence.


I invite you to reach out to learn more about my vision and consulting approach. With a track record built on excellence, I am dedicated to helping you and your organization excel in the vacation rental industry.

What Others Have to Say

About Dawn
Drives the Well-Being of an Organization

I have been privileged to work with Dawn as a client for two different companies. I commend her on her leadership, visionary planning, and can-do attitude. Often in the executive leadership role, one tends to be less personable and less connected. However, Dawn has always exhibited availability, connectivity, and sincere responsiveness to her teams, clients, and projects. Often, we read about one’s soft skills being the game changer. This applies specifically to Dawn above her expertise, executive management, and goals. She is a mover and shaker who drives the well-being of an organization's structure, asking inspiring questions, and leading all team members to accomplish the otherwise unattainable.

- Stuart Pack, VP of Atlantic Realty
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